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What is the go with the new XREF Management function??!I hadn't had the need to play with it much in 8 or 8.1, but it seems vastly different than in 7. These may be new features (and if so please enlighten me), but they seem more like bugs to me, and go against the very nature they were designed for: In 7 if we detached an XREF, it would get rid of all the layers that the XREF brought in with it. This doesn't seem to be the case in 8 or 8.1 (build 1290).Your office has custom title block fields, created using the Auto CAD DWGPROPS command, which are designed to update automatically when placed in a drawing set.

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i started a 'wishes' post regarding layers and x-refs that has generated a little bit of discussion. Is this behavior in any way dependant on HOW the xrefs are linked? All nested XREFs come in too, as well as layers, while Overlay - is a link to a truly external file.

Your field names may not match between the DWG Properties dialog box and the Field dialog box.

As a result, Auto CAD is not recognizing your custom fields.

You'll need to add a custom field in the Field dialog box to match the field your office has created using the DWGProps command.

In this example, we'll be updating the Project Number field from a title block.

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