Exhibition webcam

This intrusion into our lives is the focus of a new exhibition by Nye Thompson at the Cass Bank Gallery in London.

Thompson, with technical help from Colm Ginty, created an algorithm that scoured search engines for images from unprotected webcams.

Get an up-close look at the delicate sea nettles in our Open Sea exhibit.

Watch our sea nettles as their long tentacles and lacey mouth-arms move smoothly through the water.

Look for the electric trolley in the fleet for an emission-free trip!

Over time, Nye Thompson’s web-based voyeurism teased out details of who these people inadvertently broadcasting their lives online were.No glass coffins or slippers, just street savvy women reclaiming femininity!Deep in the heart of Europe sits a massive display full of live camera feeds from all over the world.“People monitor their own beds, and those of their children or frail elderly parents; stuff you'd never normally see - a furnace in a pet crematorium, all the way through to the most mundane things: plugs in sockets, holes in the ground, recycling bins.”The algorithm has been collecting images since the start of 2016.For Backdoored Thompson has decided to focus on a small residential community in Hong Kong.“In China and the far east people are most likely to set up webcams in their private living space, often installing several in a single room, or moving them around,” she explains.

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