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For more information, see method explicitly to perform data binding and resolve data-binding expressions.

Another situation is if you need to manually refresh the data in a data-bound control.

For instance, to retrieve the value of a cell that isn't in edit mode and is in a column that isn't templated, you can use the view's Rows and Cells collection to access any Cell.

Once you've got the Cell you want, the Cell's Text property gives you the value: This code also works for the Details View.

The string format parameter uses the syntax defined for the controls can automatically use the update, delete, and insert operations of a data source control.

For example, if you have defined SQL Select, Insert, Delete, and Update statements for your data source control, using control template enables the control to extract values from child controls in the template and pass them to the data source control.

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I am developing a web app in to simulate a desktop app I developed which needs for editable cells in gridviews where users need for increase/decrease the number of rows/columns, being them all editable.

Based on my test, the autogenerated columns has been accessible in the following events: Init, Load, Pre Render... ======================== protected void Grid View1_Init(object sender, Event Args e) ===================== Hope this helps.

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NET 2.0 databound control) with Data Source control, it won't automatically query and fill the parameters collection of the updating/deleting/... In such cases, we need to manually extract the field values from the Template control. NET 2.0 provide some good helper functions which ease our work on extracting field values from template databound control's datafields. Regards, Steven Cheng Microsoft Online Support Get Secure!

Regarding on the Grid View control's Row Updating event problem, it is the expected behavior because when we do not associate Grid View(or other ASP. For example: ======================= protected void Grid View1_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) ============================ Hope this helps.

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