Not updating past woot items

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I therefore never get to see that event and can never learn what loot was dropped. I'm going through the mod list just now to see if anything jumps out. One thing you could try is to restart the loot learning process.

/woot flush all Then let the looting Witch or Cow factory run for a few minutes and then run /woot loot Woot:none: Witch /woot loot Woot:none: Cow I'm searching Git Hub just now to try and find a mod that might be interfering ... Interesting that it is not even trying to sample the Looting.

"Boy, what an ugly/busy/convoluted site," writes Wooter Sock V.

Some of the deals are just 20 percent off or so, not the killer bargains they once were that could hit a discount of more than 50 percent.

the chat output when you right click on the factory which will include the RF cost and RF/tick cost. /woot loot Woot:none: Witch /woot loot Woot:none: Cow Also are you running a mod pack? It is almost as if the drops generated by looting enchant are being completely disabled and therefore Woot cannot learn them, of the drop event is never reaching my mod.

However in Forge, when you listen for an event, you can actually cancel it.

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Do NOT add your site under the stable section unless its been in the normal section for at least 4 hours during a woot off under load.

Could that be the reason their are no drops, because Woot is not actually storing them to file?

I'll test in a bit to see if manually filling out the drops for looting work.

Woot is an ever-evolving deal maelstrom churning around a tornado circling a mystery.

If you haven't seen Woot since yesterday, you haven't seen Woot.

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