Sqlite cache needs updating

I was recently looking into local storage options for an Ionic app.From what I could find, the most popular choice is to use a SQLite database.SQLite databases often due not work well over NFS, or some other networked file system protocols due to the poor support for locking. By default, SQL statements are passed directly to the SQLite database engine.It is safest to operate only on SQLite files on a physical disk of the local system. It's also possible to request the driver to handle SQL commands with OGR SQL engine, by passing "OGRSQL" string to the Execute SQL() method, as name of the SQL dialect.Database upgrade may take a long time, you should not call this method from the application main thread, including from are called.It should not modify the database except to configure the database connection as required.

The field values are then encoded as JSon arrays, with proper CSV escaping.This method should only call methods that configure the parameters of the database connection, such as method, but is called whenever current version is newer than requested one.However, this method is not abstract, so it is not mandatory for a customer to implement it.This class makes it easy for implementations to defer opening and upgrading the database until first use, to avoid blocking application startup with long-running database upgrades.For an example, see the Note Pad Provider class in the Note Pad sample application, in the when you no longer need the database.) Errors such as bad permissions or a full disk may cause this method to fail, but future attempts may succeed if the problem is fixed.

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