Tips on dating in denmark

Mainly because every other piece of dating advice from Antipodean countries clearly states that if he’s not asking you, he’s just not that into you.However, when I apply that logic here, I’m met with hordes of conflicting views.The arrival of various dating apps might have changed how often the Danes go on dates with people they don’t already know, but the word ‘date’ is still used just as often about an already established couple who have been together for awhile.80% of all 19-year-old Danes have had sex – so please don’t expect your Danish date to be a virgin.They have a hyperactive sense of independence that means the commitment aspect can create resentment.Honestly, if you’re just out to “put a ring on it”, then I suggest you try a more ‘old-fashioned’ country such as New Zealand or Australia.But just because they send mixed signals, doesn’t mean you have to.Play your own game, not theirs, and if you don’t catch them, then go and find another.

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To a Dane though, this is a far more ‘enlightened’ way of getting together (and the rest of the world should take note).Not long ago, a TV journalist posed the following question on a couple of Danish expat websites: “What’s it like dating Danes? Danes love to flirt for the fun of it, so don’t read too much into that.” So I took a look at the comments you made and thought I’d add my five cents in the hope that I can encourage you all to ‘hang in there’ when you’re ready to throw in the towel. Plus Danes really aren’t used to being forward, so they just feel things out for a (very) long time.But once I’ve stuck that out, I’m expected to have a great partner in life.If I had known that’s what I was in for, I wouldn’t have come here.

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