Updating 3dr network

I knew at some point I'd buy the gimble & back pack & it was cheaper to just buy the bundle up front & I'm glad I did.

I also ordered an extra battery & the back pack has two slots for batteries.

Even though 3DR stopped support for Solo, Drotek has aded RTK injections functions on a latest firmware release for the drone.

The firmware is available on our Github : Download Ardu Copter-v2.px4 file and leave it on your Desktop. On the left side of the screen, you will see your computer, while on the right side of the screen you will see remote file system.

We did not have access yet to the sporadically distributed "Rev B" GPS module from 3DR, so all mentions refer to the "Rev A" GPS board.

Prerequisites: 3DR Solo uses a UBLOX Neo m7n GPS receiver.

Knowing how to update your 3DR Solo firmware to the latest version is very important.

This article takes an attempt to distinguish between facts and fiction, and provides a guide on how to improve the reception with your existing GPS board, and how you can boost GPS reception further by using multiband GPS receivers, such as the UBLOX m8n inside Solo.

A word of caution before you proceed: modding the GPS touches one of the core elements of your flight system.

The module provides GPS only reception which is fully sufficient in all areas around the world.

However, some pilots reported long satellite acquisition times to get a fix even in non-obscured locations.

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