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Hurricane Matthew has already caused devastation on the Caribbean islands of the Bahamas, Dominican Republic and Haiti where hundreds of inhabitants are thought to have been killed and tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed.

After the hurricane hits the Sunshine State, it is expected to travel up to parts of Georgia and the Carolina states over the weekend.

The son of a music teacher, Vanilla Ice grew up in South Florida and Texas. Around the age of 8, Vanilla Ice began participating in motocross races. Turner High School in Carrollton, Texas, but he left before graduation.

He also became interested in break-dancing in his early teens. At first, Vanilla Ice was better known for his dance moves. He would demolish other dancers," Earthquake (Floyd Brown), one of the songwriters that worked with Vanilla Ice, explained to .

One day before Laura filed for divorce, the Texas native wished Witney a happy birthday via Twitter. "This is not what I'm used to." PHOTOS: Biggest Celebrity Breakups of 2016" data-reactid="57" PHOTOS: Biggest Celebrity Breakups of 2016"He's been so awesome," Carson added.

NEWS: Vanilla Ice Riding Out Hurricane Matthew at Palm Beach Home, Live Tweets During Storm" data-reactid="50" NEWS: Vanilla Ice Riding Out Hurricane Matthew at Palm Beach Home, Live Tweets During Storm"Happy birthday to my partner @Witney Carson," he captioned the pic, which also featured fellow contestant James Hinchcliffe. @Dancing ABC #dwts."The dance duo made their debut on the popular ABC reality competition series with a cha-cha-meets-hip-hop performance to Vanilla Ice's iconic hit, "Ice Ice Baby." Unfortunately, they were eliminated during the week four results show."It hit me on the first day. "When he does his moves and he gets into it, it's so fun and I'm having such a great time.

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“I gave myself a birthday present,” the mom of two says.

He frequented a Dallas nightclub called City Lights, which had a largely African-American clientele.

There Vanilla Ice caught the attention of the club's owner, Tommy Quon, who became his manager., which featured a song called "Ice Ice Baby." This catchy rap used the bass line from David Bowie and Queen's hit single, "Under Pressure." After a Georgia radio station started playing the song, interest in Vanilla Ice grew, and he landed a deal with SBK Records.

There were some rough patches for the two when Ice was arrested for two domestic battery events. Vanilla Ice, born Robert Van Winkle, was eliminated from “Dancing with the Stars” earlier this month.

Courtney Love is finding love with a new, much younger man.

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