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Su-ji (Eui-jeong Lee, a tiny girl skilled at both comedy and drama), is the studious, bespectacled only daughter of wealthy parents (mother Eun-sook Sunwoo, an obstetrician, and lecturer father Hyun-sik Im, a doting dad who calls his daughter Princess).The two girls adore each other and their loving bond will resonate with any woman who has a childhood best friend (as I do in my friend Jill who created this kdramalove website).Hao Zhen finds her younger brother, Hao Jie a nuisance. Before she can declare her likeness towards a guy, Jian You, they have to move again because debtors come again.Her friend, Xiu Zhi pesters her to go to church with her and she goes to avoid cleaning the family car.Ho-Jae, Ho-Jung's brother, is a player, who has good physical features.

Story Rui Chun is unhappy that a daughter is born instead of a son as claimed by Grandmother.

Xiu Zhi shows a nice looking guy, Zai Yong (this guy acts as Cheng You in ‘Since I met you’) who is playing the piano. Hao Zhen gets interested to attend services but her heart is neither on the bible nor the priest.

She decides to skip her tuition class to receive Zai Yong at the train station.

Featuring early career performances of two of my favorite South Korean actors – Ji-sub So and Sang Woo Kwon – the charming drama We Are Dating Now (2002) is a delightful change of pace from the more melodramatic series that I generally gravitate toward.

From the first episode, I was hooked on its engaging characters and somewhat whimsical storyline as well as its emphasis on ordinary, relatable people and their families.

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