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The producer offered valuable insight on standard on-set protocol, safety measures for contestants, plus paperwork that protects the network and the production company behind reality TV shows.

I would describe the paperwork that you have to sign on a show like this, or any reality show where you have to cohabit with people and date them, the release that you need to sign — to say the word “comprehensive” would be an understatement.

The language in the document basically outlines the fact that you will be presented with every type of environment, people, and compromising situations by volunteering to be on the show.

Now, there is nothing in there that would constitute your willingness to be in an illegal act.

While we all know that “reality” TV isn’t exactly real, did Un REAL get the level of the genre’s unreality right? And what would a former Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad contestant have to say about the show?

" data-reactid="18"The debut of Lifetime’s new series Un REAL — a scripted dramedy about the behind-the-scenes drama that takes place at a Bachelor-like reality show called Enchanted — left the Yahoo TV staff with several questions.

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We were really rooting for them, but the show's track record ain't great.unceremoniously dumped fiancée Melissa Rycroft on live television after admitting he had fallen in love with that season’s runner-up, Molly Malaney.But despite the public humiliation Rycroft subsequently experienced, the 29-year-old Texas native claims that wasn’t even her worst breakup.“All I’m trying to do is get him to like me, because I don’t want [him] to send me home.I never stepped back and said, ‘Wait a minute, he should like me, too.’ Now that I’ve been out of it for three years and married to the man I truly love, I look back and [think], ‘How could I have been in love? I was mad at the producers for a second — but I was very angry at him.

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